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WAGS RESCUE WELCOME OLE HOOCH.... This boy has stolen my heart!! He thinks I am his master forever. You may remember this starved Mastiff when he arrived. He weighed 68 lbs... He was in such horrible condition and urinating blood. We found out he had heartworms so severly we almost euthanized him. It was an unpleasnat time getting him thru those treatments. NOW>>>>>>> lawdy, hes like a puppy. He runs all over the yard and bounces with excitement when he sees me. This boy is a middle aged 6-7 yr old Mastiff mix. He is good on his leash, crate trained and fully vetted now... GUESS WHAT>>> He is now 89lbs....

Hooch will decide if YOU are his NEW master or not .. Typically, he is ok with others but also he has to warm up to NEW people as he lived on the streets. bECAUSE OF HIS SHYNESS AND SIZE , we do not reccomend children in the home. He is now fully vetted, brings such joy and ready for love at

WAGS RESCUE WELCOMES NINA.. if you are looking for the most precious 50 lbs STAFFORDSHIRE, then look no further. Nina has it all! This 2 yr old girl loves people, other dogs and is leash and house trained. The only negative is she really does not want to live with a CAT! SOrry! Nina is HW negative, has a one year proheart prevention, microchipped and UTD on vaccines. If this beauty is for you then you can apply at


WAGS RESCUE WELCOMES BRANDI!! This beautiful girl was brought into the pound and dumped like trash all because she had babies. WELL> this girl deserved better than the owner she had and we will make sure of that. Brandi is as joyful as they come and loves everyone she meets. This life looks good on her! Brandi loves every dog she meets and is ready for a game of chase. Brandie is also a loving couch potato when you want that too ! Whats not to love about this happy girl who is 60 lbs, and one year old. She is now spayed, UTD on vaccines and microchipped. This is the perfect family dog who will liven up your life but bring great joy doing that. SHe is totally house trained too. YOu can apply at

WAGS RESCUE WELCOMES A HEALTHY AND HAPPY ANGEL BABY!!! this is our ANGEL BABY who someone had sawed off her leg. LOOK at this baby now... We got this baby just in time in order to prevent the infection from spreading throughout her body. She had a PROPER amputation and now is full of life. THIS girl is truly a lap baby who cherishes her human. How anyone could have ever hurt her in unbelievable. Angel is as good as they come and we are in love with this girl. She has gained to a healthy 42 lbs and should stay that weight and not let her get too heavy. ANgel is only 1 yr to 18 mos.. just a baby!! she loves to snuggle in your bed or is crate trained. She runs with the wind and loves every dog she meets. She is now spayed, heartworm negative, UTD on vaccines and just ready to find a home who wil not mind that she is missing one leg. THAT does not stop her.. She is good on leash and crate trained... Lets get this baby in the arms of one who will cherish her as we do... apply at

WAGS RESCUE WELCOMES BOOMER.. This handsome Bulldog was picked up as a stray over a month ago. LOOK at him now. He is a whopping 40 lbs and 4 1/2 mos old. He is now neutered, UTD on vaccines, and microchipped. He is learning a leash. He is crate trained as well. JUST the sweetest personality. Boomer will do well in most home and loves people and dogs. YOu can apply at

Timmie- this little 14 lb bundle of fun came to us after her lost his family. He is the one year old brother to Tulip. He is crate trained but we are working on leash skills. Timmie is fun and loving! He’s a nice mix of rat terrier/ Jack Russel. He’s now neutered, utd on vaccines and microchipped. You can apply at

Wags Rescue welcomes the glamorous hound mix Gracie! As good as it gets! This beautiful beagle/ Walker hound is graceful, loving and very sweet. Gracie is 18 mos, 46 lbs of very mannerly hound. Gracie is spayed, utd on vaccines, hw negative, and microchipped! She is house, leash and crate trained! What’s not to love! Apply at

Wags Rescue welcomes Jem! This gorgeous girl was found as a stray and taken into a very loving, caring home and then they reached out to our rescue. Jem is about 11 months old, is up to date on shots, on heartworm prevention, and has been spay. She is sweet natured and loves to play. She also is quite the snuggle bug, affectionate, house trained and walks on a leash nicely. She appears to be a boxer mixed with bulldog and is truly a JEM! Very mannerly girl who will bring great joy to your home . She’s about 40 Lbs now. Apply at

Wags Rescue welcomes Maverick’ ! This handsome boy was found along with his two siblings who were also saved by other rescues. Maverick was literally hours away from losing his precious life due to space. Wags stepped in! I’m thrilled we did as this boy has it all: great looks, charmer, affectionate, playful and easy to love. We believe he’s a Catahoula bulldog mix and is about 7-8 mos old. He’s now 44 lbs snd neutered, utd on vaccines and microchipped. Maverick is great on his leash, house trained and plays great with other dogs. You can apply at

WAGS RESCUE WELCOMES SPARKY... This handsome 1 yr old LAB found himself lingering in the local shelter. NO one came for him and we dont understand ! Sparky is all spark and loves to be peted and played with . He is a beautiful boy and weighs 49 lbs. He is now neutered, UTD on vaccines, microchipped and HW neg. He loves his canine friends too. SParky is grreat with people and is a perfect guy to play and love with. He is available at

WAGS RESCUE WELCOMES LUCY BELLE... This very affectionate puppy was found locked in a new construction house closet. She was almost starved to death. Not sure how she got there but she is one happy go lucky girl now... She is now 12 weeks and as playful as they come. She is very playful but also settles down for lap time, loving and her rest. She is crate trained too.SHe needs work on her leash as most pups do. SHe is very playful with her canine friends. Lucy is UTD on vaccines, Micrcohipped and will be spayed when big enough. SHe is only about 12 lbs now. and all legs! lol YOU can apply at

WAGS RESCUE WELCOMES BARNEY... tHIS HANDSOME BOY WAS ADOPTED FORM US AWHILE AGO BUT HIS DAD IS VERY , VERY SICK AND could no longer care for a dog so we accept him back proudly. Barnie is a lovely, well mannered 6-7 yr old boy who is accustomed to nice leash walks and living his life in doors. Barney is now 65 lbs and a mix of beagle and walker hound. Barney is house, and leash trained. HE does not like a crate much so please allow him to not be there as there is no need. He is a happy boy who plays well with all. He is the cutest and sweetest boy. YOu can apply for Barney at