Every year, millions of adoptable animals end up homeless through no fault of their own. We endeavor to give our rescues the opportunity to find their new families.

Every dog has urgent daily needs including food, shelter, medical care and training so every dollar counts when it comes to saving lives. ALL donations and adoption fees go toward caring for rescues and their foster expenses. We have NO paid employees, everyone volunteers their time. 

Please consider saving a life by making a charitable donation today.

$10 Could pay for treats, toys, or other expenses.

$25 Could pay for vaccinations and flea prevention.

$50 Could pay for one of our blind/deaf dogs to go to the vet.

$100 Could pay for a dog to get spayed or neutered.

$200-$300 Could pay for an ultrasound and prenatal care for a pregnant momma dog.

$300-$400 Could pay for food to support an entire litter and momma dog in a nursery foster home.

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