Happy Tails

An ongoing series of informational entries


January 1, 2019

Wags Rescue Rhett is adopted!!! This is certainly the way to close out adoptions for 2018!!! Rhett left yesterday for his forever home. It's short of a miracle! Rhett came to us July 4, 2017!!!! He and 2 others were feral when we saved 28 from a hoarding case. Thanks to lots of love and patience by Susan Kilby Lightfoot and Ed, he left her knowing a friendly touch, a sweet kiss, and all the things a dog deserves! Susan was so excited she forgot the adoption picture. Most would have given up on Rhett, but not Susan ! This is truly a heart of Rescue!! Thank you Susan and Ed for your devotion to Rhett and also your generous year end donation to support the work we do!

Misty (Akira)

January 6, 2019

WAGS RESCUE MISTY/AKIRA IS ADOPTED.. Yes, there is a family photo but this one stole my heart.. The Beauchamp family of St Marys have adopted a lil love from us a few years ago and it was time to add to the family. This little guy only had eyes for AKira, he named her. Well, Akira follows his every move and they are a bonded pair. I could not have found a more lovely family to have this sweet girl.


January 13, 2019

WAGS RESCUE SALLIE IS ADOPTED... SALLIE never made it to the website as one of Wags friends told her neighbors about us. Vicki Greene is always spreading the word and this is what happened.. Sallie came to us from a family in a crisis themselves and needed a safe spot for their beloved 9 month girl. We are proud to have the Boltz family adopt our girl, and proud to be able to help another family in need..


January 13, 2019

WAGS RESCUE BENJAMIN IS ADOPTED.. This boy came to us with literally 15 minutes to live in the local shelter. He loved life here but what he needed was a family who saw all the great qualities he has and loved him. He now has 2 girls and mom /dad who cherish his being... Thankfully, because of rescue , he has that chance at life... Thank you Howell family of Green Cove Springs, Fl for loving our sweet boy...


January 13, 2019

WAGS RESCUE OLIVER IS ADOPTED... This sweetie came to us with almost no hair. He sat and waited for mos as he healed. Today, he met the couple of his dreams. The Jones fell in love with his gentle nature and loving attitude. He will now live on the beach with daily walks and all the love one boy can stand... LOVE IT.


January 17, 2019

WAGS RESCUE CAROLINE IS ADOPTED... AGAIN... lol.. She was adopted right before Christmas to a retired couple. THEY found this very active girl to need more exercise than they could do. lol.. They knew she deserved better and we appreciate them looking out for her best interest and allowing her to come back and find the home where her activity level meets that of the new family. The Gardners of St Augustine thinks she is perfection. We agree.... Lots of beach runs, and a great family life..


January 17, 2019

WAGS RESCUE DAISHA IS ADOPTED... The Paul family drove down from Columbia Sc to fall in love. THAT they did. .. Daisha reminded them of a previous dog so they knew she was exactly what they were looking for. He is retired so she will follow his every foot step during the day but when night time comes she has her own human girl to curl up with. THIS dog hit the jackpot all the way around...